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      5 Reasons You Should Try Silicone Bakeware

      Are you particularly nifty in the kitchen? Then try silicone bake mats to spruce up your baking arsenal and take you that one step further into baking heaven. The folks at Majestic Cakes like using them to bake their cupcakes melbourne. So what are these baking trays and what exactly is so special about them? For one they are made of a material known as silicone. This is rubber like, floppy and malleable. They shape easily and can be deformed for easier cleaning. Not convinced yet? Well we have constructed a list of reason why you should go silicone. Read on!

      • Non-stick: These rubbery little monsters do not stick and thus you do not require and greasy pan. However, sometimes it is far better to be on the safe side and grease them anyway. Perhaps a slight lubricating spray on the silicone is really all that you need to avoid a disaster occurring
      • No Burning: The magic of silicone allows the heat ot be distributed more evenly throughout the material than their classical metal counterparts. Watch out though because no matter what, the bottom of the pan will always be hotter than the sides, so you still need to be vigilant. Additionally, the more even spread of heat causes them to take a little long in the oven.
      • Flexibility: These little silicone baking mats are very wobbly and flexible. So you must be careful when you put them in the over that you do not inadvertently spill the baking mix and ruin things. Additionally, you may need to reset them on a cooking sheet so they do not start to slump over due to the weight pushing on the flexible sides. On the up side though, the flexibility allow the removal of the baked good to be much easier, but always remember to lift it with both hands.
      • Easily Washed: Since the silicone baking mats are very flexible, it means they are easy to clean. If there is dirt stuck in an awkward corner, merely push out that corner with your finger and the flexible material will give way and allow easy access to your brush.
      • Easily Stored: Since they are so soft, the silicone baking mats can be crunched up and stored away in the tiniest of corners. This is a great advantage in relation to their metal cousins which are pretty solid. It is definitely the choice of thing to bring if you are going camping or something. Additionally, they are safe to use in freezer, microwave and oven. They are such tricky things.

      There you go baking fans out there. This is the future of home baking. Everyone is going silicone, what are you waiting for? As your old pans rust away, the new flippy floppy easily heated trays will be going strong. So get up now and get your hands of a silicone baking mat.

      13 Silicone Baking Products-So Many to Choose From

      The first usable silicone baking product for the kitchen was the Gripmitt. It was a silicone based oven mitt from the 1940’s. People said that it was certainly ahead of its time. Silicone baking mats weren’t far behind this great invention. The success of the Gripmitt let people know that they could make so many things for the kitchen that were made of silicone.

      The kitchen was the perfect place to experiment with silicone. It is inert and doesn’t leech onto its host nor does it affect the taste. It is heat-resistant, has low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, and low chemical reaction. It is perfect for food handling. Inventors went to working making other useful silicone based products which have also been met with great success.

      ? Silicone oven mitt-The Gripmitt-The Gripmitt has changed a bit since its release in the 1940’s. It is used outside of the kitchen now. You can see a marked difference between Gripmitt’s for industrial use and Gripmitt’s for residential use. As Gripmitt’s for industrial use will have to handle much higher temperature, you can understand the difference. Certain silicone baking mats have the same large grooves which you can see on retail models.

      ? Silicone whisk-Silicone whisks come in an array of different colors. People like using silicone whisks for different reasons that they like silicone baking mats. A silicone whisk won’t scratch the surface of the pot, especially if the pot is not made of Teflon. There is a trade-off for this difference. Users claim that using a silicone whisk is much more labor-intensive, meaning you really have to use your arm strength to whip with this type of whisk. Users also say that it is kind of top-heavy, but this would depend upon the type of silicone whisk that you purchase.

      There are many different kinds on the market.

      ? Silicone cooling rack-A silicone cooling rack is a good accompaniment to a silicone baking mat. It is non-stick so you won’t have to worry about your cookies or other thing sticking to the cooling rack. It is scratch-resistant and you don’t have to worry about the rust that comes with using a stainless steel cooling rack.

      ? Silicone baking cups-The popularity of cupcakes lately has everyone trying their hands at making these cute little confectionaries. An easy way to try their many flavors is to plop in a silicone baking cup and bake away. If you don’t want your cupcakes to stick, you are best to oil and flour the pan. A silicone baking cup will have you skip the essential, but time-consuming chore.

      Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

      ? Silicone cake pans-Just like cupcakes, cakes need to have their pans greased and floured so that they can come out of the trays easily. You can pour your cake mix into the silicone cake pan and place the filled cake pan on a sturdy stainless steel cookie sheet. This will help prevent spills as this is the number one safety concern with the use of silicone. When you cake is done, you can place it on a silicone baking mat to cool.

      11 Why Silicone Baking Mats are Great for Baking

      People want to know why silicone baking mats are great for baking. If you want to know, ask people who use it. The reviews for silicone baking mats are positive. Some people are concerned about the safety of the products. Research into its safety has proven that there is no reason for alarm. The silicone in silicone baking mats is food-grade and approved by the FDA. The only thing that independent researchers recommend is that you purchase quality brands of silicone baking mats.

      ? Silpat-Martha Stewart made relatively unknown Silpat silicone baking mat known to her legion of fans. She stated firmly that she used only Silpat in her baking. She may have been a paid spokesperson for the brand, but she wasn’t wrong in her support for this product. This product is made in France and costs less than $20 to fit a 13”x18”pan. Owners say that it is a must for bakers, although some complain of a smoking problem at high heats. This is sometimes a problem with a Silpat that is brand new. With time, the smoking problem will wear off. Despite the smoking, the user still preferred the Silpat over parchment or wax paper.

      ? Artisan-The Artisan silicone baking mat is less than $20 for 2 mats to fit a 13”x18” pan. This pan can go from -40 degrees to up to 480 degree Fahrenheit. Users state that you don’t have to spray anything on the sheet beforehand. If you are using it as a pastry mat for rolling pizza, they suggest that you sprinkle some flour on the silicone baking mat first. Some users can tell the difference between this mat and a much more expensive product. They say that it fails after three uses, and that they saw flecks of fiberglass right out of the box. If you have problems of this sort, don’t be afraid to return it to its source for a full refund.

      ? ChicoChef-ChicoChef has some silicone baking mats that come in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 3-pack sizes. It comes with a recipe book, kid-friendly colors and a lifetime money back guarantee. These silicone baking mats run from $11 for the 1-pack size to $22 for the 3-pack size. Some users use it in the kitchen not only for baking baked goods but for roasting vegetables, chicken, fish, and potatoes. It can smoke at times, but this is due to the fillers in the silicone, and not the silicone itself.

      transparent silicone mat

      ? Healthy Chef Baking Mat– A raised silicone baking mat is a novel idea. The raised nodules on the mat provides aeration that is sometimes needed in cooking. This provides evenly cooked, juicy food every time. 2 mats to fit an 11”x16” pan costs you about $15. You will love how the raised grooves prevent French fries and hash browns from soaking up extra oil. the full details in Users say that clean-up can be a chore because of the raised grooves. Additionally, if you are frying something with mat, the grease may settle under the pan that you place the silicone baking mat in.

      10 Neat and Easy Ways to Store Silicone Baking mats

      Silicone baking mats can last for thousands of uses if they are well taken care of. There are lots of easy and fun ways to store your baking mats so that they will last for all of those thousands of uses.

      The first thing to know is that after you use a silicone baking mat, you must wash it with warm, soapy water. The next thing you do is store it sufficiently well to maintain its usability.

      ? Neat-A neat way to store your silicone baking mat is to use a storage system. You can lay your mats down after they are sufficiently dry and leave it for the next usage.

      ? Neat-An open storage cube works well for storing your silicone bake material and other things too. They are made of solid wood with a PVC finish for longevity. They are very easy to assemble and come in many different storage combinations so that you can variability in the way you use your storage system.

      ? Neat-A folding trunk organizer usually works for tools and other kitchen utensils with handles, but it is roomy enough to use to store your silicone baking mats as well. This works especially well if you choose to roll up your baking mats as the way you store it.more information at this website!

      ? Neat-a classic tall round airtight canister with locking clamp is not your first choice for storage, but can be used in a pinch. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen. You need to fold up your baking trays and put them away. Airtight containers are probably not necessarily what you need, but you won’t have to worry about your cap falling off. Be sure that your baking mat is dry before you place it within. You’d hate for mold and mildew to develop on your baking mat.

      Be sure that you get a very tall canister to store your silicone baking mat within. You’d want to have enough to securely close the container.

      ? Easy-An easy way to store your baking mats if you have the room is on a shelf system. A 5-shelf home storage style system will hold your silicone baking mats and more. You can assign one of the 5 shelves exclusively for your silicone baking mats. You can store your other silicone baking materials on another. You can store you canned goods on one shelf of your 5-shelf system. You can share paper plates, cups and bowls on the final shelf of your 5-shelf storage system.

      silicone fiberglass

      ? Easy-If you really don’ t have the room for an entire shelf system in your kitchen, try an over-the door storage system. An over-the-door system can fit easily in your kitchen if you have a pantry. Over-the-door storage systems with baskets are the best ones to pick for your silicone baking mats. Just like with the other storage system, you can efficiently store all of your baking mats and other silicone material in one spot in the storage system. The benefit of this type of system is that it will remain out of the way, but accessible when you need to do your baking.

      9 Is Silicone Baking ware Eco-friendly and safe?

      Silicone baking mat, silicone baking mats

      The answer to whether silicones bake ware is eco-friendly and safe is a resounding YES. People are concerned that silicone baking mats, and other baking items that contain silicone should give people pause.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. We will answer some of people’s concerns and questions and put all their worries to rest.

      ? Silicone bake ware is a great way to “bake green.”-Yes, it’s true. Using silicone baking mats, cookie sheets, whisks, cooling racks, and pastry mats is a great way to “green up” your baking. When baking green, you don’t have any wax paper, parchment paper, or aluminum foil to throw away. You don’t have to add any extra trans-fats to your finished product. You don’t even have to use all that water that is needed to clean your baking pans and utensils. Using silicone baking mats is a great and easy way to be environmentally friendly in your kitchen.

      ? Silicone bake ware is made up of silicone-Silicone is an inert material that is found in the earth’s core. It has been around since the Stone Age and will be here for the foreseeable future. Silicone is safe for use in cooking material and is FDA-approved. It does not leech into foods, and it does not react with negatively to food or liquids. You may see a little back-and-forth about the difference between food grade silicone and industrial silicone, but don’t be too concerned. Health experts like Dr. Andrew Weil, magazines like Scientific American, and researchers at Green Tips Living have come down on the side of silicone baking ware, so don’t be afraid of your silicone baking mats.

      ? Brightly colored silicone baking ware may leech-Silicone baking ware can be not only functional but pretty. It comes in lovely colors that are very appealing to the eye. Some people claim that the bright colors used in silicone baking mats can leech into the products. This claim has been unfounded. Brightly colored silicone are no more unsafe that bland or clear colors.

      ? Odors have been known to emanate from silicone baking material- This claim is true, but true only of material that are cheap in nature. With the success, then demand for silicone baking mats and other baking material, tons of cheap knock-offs cropped up. Those manufacturers use cheap material that emits an odor than can be off-putting. The way to avoid this is to always purchase high-quality silicone baking products. So, to be clear, the odor that comes from some baking material is from the fillers used to make the product, not the silicone.

      silicone baking cups

      ? Careful handling will extend the life of your silicone baking material-Silicone baking mats are designed to withstand years, if not decades of use. To make sure that your baking mat makes it this long, you must be sure that you treat your material with care. Wash it with warm, soapy water after you use it. Stand it up or lay it down to let it air dry. You can also place it in the dishwasher as well.

      Diabetic Cake Recipes – Tips & Tricks

      Let’s first mention few useful tips tricks of the trade – right off the back, before we indulge ourselves into Diabetic Cake Recipes and more on baking Sugar Free Cakes & other useful stuff like Diabetic Menus and Diabetes Diet Management.

      Following are some exclusive tips to prepare professional cakes and dessert recipes for folks with diabetes!

      The most important tip, which I would like to mention first is about the misconception that any food item labeled “sugar free“ is safe to eat and it wont rise your blood sugar level.

      My advice in this regard is when you go out for buying stuff to eat please look at the ‘nutrition label’ and under that look for ‘total carbohydrates – or crabs’ not the ‘amount of sugar’. For example, when buying editable food item, like “sugar free ice cream” or the deceptive “no sugar added” ice cream, compare the amount of carbohydrates on both (normal and sugar-free) ice creams. Usually they will be almost in the same quantity.
      Which means, having “sugar free” will still raise your blood-sugar-level, in fact this crabs thing is far more worse for a diabetic than the “actual thing”.

      My advice is to have the ‘real thing’ or normally prepared desserts is almost 99% always better than anything with sugar-free sticker on it. It goes without saying that eat everything but in moderation.

      The sub Splenda artificial sweetener brand as a sugar substitute will make the cake dryer and crumby. To fix this just use three fourth – 3/4th Splenda and remaining one fourth – 1/4th with fruit juice of your choice or even a milk shake, like apple, banana, mango etc. This will also act as a taste maker and will give out real essence of the fruit & the cuisine you’re trying to bake.

      Alternatively use DiabetiSweet, best safe sweetener I’ve ever used, it’s very reputable and lots of folks with diabetes are using this, if you want to learn more about the item go to Amazon.com for additional details.
      As a diabetic type 2 for twenty five years, I can say and noticed it over the years, while sugar is harmful for the diabetic patient the amount of flour we like to have is of a more concern, because crabs in the flour are more injurious than sugar. Every diabetic have different reaction for carbohydrates intake.

      The best way to go about it is to substitute white-flour with whole wheat or multi grain or other flour replacements, like, Oak flour, Rice flour (but use less), Wheat flour, Buckwheat flour, and Flax seed etc. So wherever you find any Diabetic CakeRecipes meant for non-diabetic people and when the recipes call for white flour, you can safely substitute it by: 3 parts whole wheat, 1 part rice or oat flour, 1 part buckwheat flour.

      As we all know cloistral is bad for everybody, especially if you’re diabetic and have high blood pressure, in this case consequently your medical doctor must have advised you to stop or reduce the amount of salt in the diet. The best way to go about it is to use ‘Lemon Juice’ instead of salt, for example, put quarter cup lemon juice – one fourth of a regular size coffee cup – on a baked or fried fish in place of salt. If you’ve tried it, then you know, but if didn’t, let me tell you this will not only replicate and satisfy the need for salt but also act as a medicine to reduce harmful cloistral and fat in the body.


      This practice is extremely useful for the people suffering from high blood pressure, high cloistral, obesity and a natural relieve for some stomach / liver and intestine problems and for diabetic patients.

      On the following pages we’ll disclose variety of different Diabetic Cake Recipes, specially diabetic cupcake recipes and how it can be a “piece of diabetic cake” even for a person who is just starting out the quest for becoming a Chef!

      Cooking recipes – finding the best recipe for you

      Are you fond of eating and are in search of the recipe which can persuade your stomach and also the need of the tongue. When it comes concerning the taste, you may find that it becomes very difficult to find the perfect recipe for to satisfy the hunger. Thus, if you are the aficionado of eating and also cooking recipes for your loved ones, then you are at the perfect place. Yes, I am not kidding!! As you are at the place, where, you can get the guidance and also the tips regarding the cooking recipes.

      Before, we could discuss on the cooking recipes I would like to inform you that you can even get the list of the various types of the cooking recipes which are easy to prepare and also very scrumptious to eat. Thinking of the cooking recipes waters your mouth. Isn’t it so true?? So, you can now get the paramount of the best cooking recipes which embrace all the recipes from the simplest grill chicken breast and also till the most exotic recipe like that of the beef wellington.http://www.foodnetwork.com/healthy/packages/healthy-every-week.html, Here you can also get all the information regarding the dishes which are very delectable and also healthy for your health.

      Even if you are health conscious you can also get the healthy and the quick recipes which are the most thrill giving recipes and also the person eating can enjoy eating daily. If you are confused about selecting the proper cooking recipes then here is the list of the cooking recipes given which can help you to select it soon.

      ? Almond recipes such as the almond cookies, pastries, baskets, and the yummy apple sauce are really most exciting for the cooking recipes and also for eating.

      ? The salads are also given which are belonging to the every country and also this is the healthy cooking recipe which is consisting of the various fruits stuffs, cucumber flowers with tomatoes, and also the best Indian salad with the mixture of the vegetables in curd.

      ? There are also the cooking recipes for the lunch such as sandwiches and also the Indian dishes are helping much for perfect fulfilling lunch.

      ? The paneer dishes such as the paneer rice and also the pizza can help you.\

      ? The Japanese dishes are also best cooking recipes and thus you can find that the nori cheese is the dish which is liked by all the children.

      ? The Indian recipes also include the cooking recipes such as the south zone dishes, north recipes, etc.

      best cooking recipe

      ? The continental is the best food for the non-vegetarian eaters, this is most tasty and here very easy tips are given about all the continental cooking recipes.

      Thus, you are now really feeling to cook the food, then for sure you can get the detailed information about each of the recipes and for all the cooking recipes you can visit to the eminence web site and this is the best place for you taste eating habits.

      Cake Recipes

      Cake recipes are one of the most widely eaten sweet baked recipes. This Cake recipe is mostly used at special occasions including birthday, New Year party, teacher’s day etc. Recipes for cakes is easy to prepare and can be baked in different flavours and style.


      Cakes recipes include different ingredients like:

      ? Sugar
      ? Egg
      ? Flour and
      ? Butter

      ? Recipes for cakes consist of different layers of cream, marzipan, icings etc.

      ? Mainly Cakes recipes are used as the occasional dish and are prepared for celebrating certain main events. Different Cake recipes include bread like Cake recipe, rich cakes and traditional old cakes.
      Yeast Cakes recipes are one of the most traditional form of cakes.

      Different jam fillings and toppings are used in the Recipe for pancakes depending on the place and region where it is cooked.

      ? Some other varieties of Cake recipe include milk as the main ingredient. Cake recipes also consist of flavoured ingredients such as fruit, nut, berries, chocolate chips etc.

      ? Cheese Cakes recipes are a form of custard pies and do not include flour but consist of flour based crust to support the Cake recipe. These are one of the oldest Greece Recipes for cakes.

      ? Stollen and babka are traditional dessert Cake recipes.

      ? Recipe for pancakes are one of the seven main course dishes of the French tradition.

      Mostly in modern and medieval Christian period, Recipe for pancakes is prepared and use store items especially in Britain. Recipes for cakes can be prepared in different shapes and styles including Bundt cakes, balls, cup cakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes and Swiss roll cakes. Mostly in Canada, France and Brazil, French crepes are the famous Recipe for pancakes and one can prepare them by using egg, flour milk, sugar baking powder and salt.


      ? All the dry ingredients are mixed together in the bowl and then beaten eggs and milk is added in it.
      ? In a pan oil is spread properly and is heated on a medium high temperature.
      ? Then this mixture is poured in the oil coated pan and is baled from both the sides.
      ? These are thin and consist of savoury filling.

      cake recipe

      In German, pfannkuchen is the most widely eaten pancakes. One can search different types on Cake recipes and delicious Recipe for pancakes on net and can prepare them easily at home. Cake recipe is often enhanced by the decoration of the cakes with icing, topping, frosting, or sprinkling different flavoured powders, creams or fruit to provide rich taste to the Cakes recipes. In Recipes for cakes special flour is used which contains high starch and fine textured low protein soft wheat.

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